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Successful collection of Tinder for the Hangzhou Asian Games


On June 15th, the flame of the Hangzhou Asian Games was successfully collected at the Da Mo Mountain in the Liangzhu Ancient City Ruins Park.

The flame collection was done using a concave mirror to refract sunlight and ignite the torch in the hands of the flame bearer. Subsequently, the flame was transferred to the flame box, signifying the successful collection of the Asian Games flame.

The Liangzhu Ancient City Ruins is a sacred site that provides evidence of over 5,000 years of Chinese civilization. Collecting the Asian Games flame here carries profound symbolism. It signifies the rising of the dawn of Chinese civilization and the ignition of the flames of unity, civilization, and peace that symbolize the spirit of Asia. It is an opportunity to showcase the ancient and enduring Chinese civilization and the aspirations of the Chinese people to the people of Asia.

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