Rechargeable Hearing Aids for Seniors Adults

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The best gift for the senior adults

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  • 【Nano hearing aids】 – Different from traditional head-mounted and ear-hook hearing aid. Nearly invisible that is convenient for you to attend various occasions. Very small and lightweight, no burden for ears for long time using.Ideal for most mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • 【State of the Art Design】 – No More Battery Operation, Good for First-time Hearing Aid Wearers. No Longer Need Tools to Control the Volume(4 Levels), You can Adjust the Volume by Touch. Switch Settings can Save Battery Life. Obvious On/Off button for easy operation.
  • 【Super Effective Hearing Assist】 – Use layered noise reduction and directional feedback canceling DFS technology for more natural hearing( This does not mean any noise).With noise reduction, these small devices will bring you back in the clear world.Comfort Threshold Control ,automatic Gain Control-Output for Hearing Protection, No Need to Suffer from Sudden Loud Noise Anymore.
  • 【Portable Charging Box】 – Put the hearing amplifiers in the charging box. It can be used for 35 hours after charging for 2~3 hours. (It is recommended to charge once a day.)As easy as charging a mobile phone – no need to deal with batteries anymore. It is easy to carry and can be put into a pocket.
  • 【1 YEAR QUALITY ASSURANCE 】We Are Confident That Our Device Are Manufactured Under Strict Quality Standards to Give Our Customers the Best Experience, Every Product Includes One Year of Maintain, and We Take Care of All Quality-related Issues.

high-end fashion comfortable in-eardual noise reduction, whistle suppression, imported core piece, long life span, comfortable to wear, one button operationusing imported chips, no sound stuttering, no delay, improve stability restore the real sound, listen more clearlymutil-gear volume, each touch can adjust volume, touch operation, simple and convenientinhibition, optimization, noise reduction adjustment for different frequency sounds to enhance the speech language audibility and reduce noiserechargeable charging stand, moreover, the storage boxwearing, return then elderly to listen to the real sound and enjoy the realHearing Aids for Seniors Adultseasy to carrymagnetic charginghearing aids parameters




Black, Off white + Black box, Off white + White box, Red, Blue + Black box, Red, Blue + White box, White

Maximum OSPL 90


Equivalent input noise level


High frequency average


Total harmonic distortion


Full range gain


charging time


Frequency response range


Number of electrical boxes

5 times

12 reviews for Rechargeable Hearing Aids for Seniors Adults

  1. janet blait

    So far i like product just recieved and getting adjusted to my ears. They are bigger than my old aids but them seem to work well and fit pretty good.

  2. Randy T.

    They are very sensitive to the touch.

  3. William R. Ogden

    Documentation could be more extensive! With a few more hints about practical ways to adjust volume and modes.

  4. Vickie K.

    I have been suffering with Tinnitus for years, but it has obviously worsened over the last three years. I have been to the ear doctor who did not give any help to how I could get some relief from this condition. So after having to deal with not being able to hear people speak or being able to hear the television or stereo, I decided to take the next step and try some self help. I did hours of research on what possible hearing aid could provide the relief I was needing with the constant roaring going on in my right ear, along with something that would amplify the sounds in my surroundings. I finally decided to give Autiphon Advance Rechargeable Hearing Aids a try. I received them last night; so, I had them charge over night. Having never dealt with hearing aid devices, I was a bit clumsy at first. Once I was able to distinguish between the mode sounds versus the volume sounds in the settings, I was actually able to start hearing things that have been muffled for so long. My own voice sounded like a giant’s voice, but my husband told me that over the years, my voice had grown louder due to my hearing weakening. Once I lowered my voice to the correct loudness, it seemed as if I were whispering, but everyone else found it to be normal. Throughout the day, I have had several people comment on the softness of my tone, all the while, I was enjoying being able to hear people speak in a crowded room. I thought, “Wow! I have literally been shouting at everyone for the past three years and not realizing it.” The Tinnitus level which is Mode 3 helped unbelievably. Even though I do not have Tinnitus in my left ear, I still used my aid in it to amplify the sound just a bit to make it crisp and clear. After about nine hours of wear today, I can tell my ears are feeling tired…which is funny to me since that lets me know I was actually using my ears the entire day which has not been done in a good long while. I definitely would recommend these devices. They feel great, work great, and actually look great. I definitely do not mind people seeing them in my ears, because if they see them, then that should let them know that what they have to say to me is very important, and I want to absorb each word they have to share.

  5. Karen

    Autiphon ear amplifiers seem to be well made, only small hearing amplifier that had advanced controls by using a tap to make changes. No tools needed. Satisfied so far.


    I got this about two weeks ago and am quite impressed and I would say it is a great leap of improvement from the previous two I had . I love its quality of sound, the molded fit in your ear and its noise-cancelling capability. I only have one ear that is having moderate hearing loss and I could well compare performance as I have still a near- normal other ear. One word of caution though. You have to have some savvy in changing the modes and might not be so easy with other elderly people to get used to . Once you get the hang of it. Putting in memory the number of Du-du’s you would hear to know if you are in your preferred mode: normal, noisy or tinnitus masking although I did not need to go to third mode as I don’t experience tinnitus at all . So far so great for now so am keeping the two previous hearing amplifiers in storage until I find one that would be far superior than this new – found one.

  7. Larry L.

    My wife is just trying out the new Autiphon Advanced Rechargeable Hearing Aids, so it’s a little early to say just how much she’ll like them, but her initial reaction is very favorable. They’re comfortable, she is able to adjust the volume in each ear independently to accommodate the different levels of hearing loss in her ears, and she’s definitely hearing much better than she can without them. Whether they’re as good as the much more expensive Widex hearing aids that she had been using (until she lost one) isn’t yet clear, but my sense is that they’re pretty close for voice. I’m a little disappointed in the frequency range (500-4,000 Hz), since several of the competitive models have a range of 300-6,000 Hz, but that may not be terribly significant for voice. I suspect that these would not be ideal for listening to music, because of their limited frequency range.

  8. Sheila Long

    Because of the placement of volume control on the outer side you don’t have to toggle it’s just a touch and it’s wonderful

  9. marmoo1954

    Small easy to use works great for hearing. Didn’t help severe timmitus. Easy to control very comfortable. Overall very pleased

  10. Hooked

    These were very comfortable to wear, despite it’s larger size. These are very simple to operate as the volume and program can be touched as opposed to others which require the device to be taken out and changed. My hearing is more moderate to severe and I can get some distortion at the highest volume settings. Overall, these are great hearing aids and a very good value. I recommend .


    Chew new to comment on how I like it I’m hoping it will be fine.

  12. Jane Crouse

    Sound quality is somewhat better than the previous two brands I tried.

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