Portable Handheld Oxygen Canister Bottle(3 Pack)

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ALL-NATURAL RESPIRATORY SUPPORT – Boost Oxygen provides pure, natural Oxygen

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  • Hold an exclusive oxygen Bottle, it is recommended that the family keep it. It can be used for oxygen inhalation in pregnant women, oxygen in the elderly, and oxygen in mountaineering.
  • 95% PURE SUPPLEMENTAL OXYGEN, and the oxygen pressure is 0.8mpa±0.1mpa. Note: Those who are allergic to oxygen and those with hyperoxia are not allowed to use it.
  • Pregnant women can use it. During pregnancy, the oxygen demand is about 2 times that of ordinary people. Most pregnant women will have different degrees of hypoxia. Timely and regular oxygen supplementation can relieve various hypoxia symptoms and is conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.
  • The oxygen tank is easy to carry with you, with a capacity of 1000mL, which can be pressed about 150 to 200 times, Equivalent to 10 liters of natural oxygen, The specific number of times is related to the frequency and frequency of use.
  • One-piece oxygen mask, easy to carry; thickened aluminum can, strong sealing, and no leakage.
  • ALL-NATURAL RESPIRATORY SUPPORT, Boost Oxygen provides pure, natural Oxygen – free from stimulants and additives like caffeine and sugars – in a convenient, lightweight, and portable can

Portable oxygen bottle for pregnant womanPortable oxygen bottle for elderPortable oxygen bottle for athleteOxygen bottle for mountaineeringOxygen bottle detail




1000mL(Equal to 10L natural oxygen)


6.5 x 6.5 x 31cm




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