Wall background hollow painting stencil, Leaves cutout painting template

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Halloween & custom leaves stencils, support you to define other patterns.

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Reminder: This leaf stencil is a pre-sale product that takes about 10 days to prepare.

About this item

  • The painting stencil is made of PET material, which can be bent, hard to wear, and not easy to break.
  • The stencil is translucent milky in color, easy to clean, and reusable.
  • Rounded corner design, will not cut hands, high hardness, can use pencil, paint, acrylic, and another coloring.
  • The leaf stencil is 34 x 60cm, and the size of the hollow area is about 24 x 50cm, which is suitable for wall painting or larger size decorative paintings.
  • The Halloween stencil is 15 x 15cm.

* If you need to customize other patterns and sizes, please contact cs@thpensai.com

Leaf stencil

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Leaf painting stencilLeaf painting stencil

Halloween stencil

halloween moldhalloween moldhalloween modhalloween paitning modhalloween painting stencil




translucent milky white

Stencil shape

1 x Leaf(34 x 60cm), 24 x Halloween(15 x 15cm)


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