Electric Heating Scarf

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About This Electric Heating Scarf


【3-speed temperature adjustment】3-speed temperature control, let this heating scarf warm you all winter, it can also relieve your neck pain.

【Skin-friendly material】Acrylic material scarf, non-irritating to the skin, comfortable to wear. With a cashmere knitted pattern, warm and good-looking.

【Battery bag included】The inside of the heating scarf contains a dedicated power bank pocket, which is convenient and beautiful. Note that this product does not contain a power bank.

【Washable】All electronic components are waterproof and can be washed without disassembly.

Heated Scarf, Neck Heating Pad for Pain Relief
Heated Scarf, Neck Heating Pad for Pain Relief
Heated Scarf, Neck Heating Pad for Pain Relief Heated Scarf, Neck Heating Pad for Pain Relief  Heated Scarf, Neck Heating Pad for Pain Relief

USB heatting scarf


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3 reviews for Electric Heating Scarf

  1. Fatih Demirci

    This is a great product to keep your neck warm, or fix your stiff neck, or just relax. Easy to use, comfortable to wear. Definitely recommended.

  2. Ivana

    I chose to buy this heating scarf without power bank, because there are too many power banks in my house! I don’t need to spend a sum of money to buy a scarf with a power bank.

    At first I was worried about the lack of calories, but his effect is such well. There are three adjustable temps. I often feel sore neck because of sitting in front of the computer and working. Technology improves life.

  3. Mikahla Copeman

    I had really bad neck pain for DAYS hard to even move it. Was using a rice bag, but that’s inconvenient to hold it and reheat it constantly. So I got this and love it. It is so nice and soothing and really is helping with my neck pain 10/10 recommend!.

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