2022 New Automatic Electric Nail Clippers

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2022 New Automatic Electric Nail Clippers, 2 in 1 Shearing & Grinding Integrated Baby Electric Nail Trimmer for Baby Kids Adults Elderly

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  • 【High Precision Cutting Tool 】Cutting edge numerical control processing technology, so as to make the tool with precision up to 0.01mm, several times more pruning experience, Efficiency, and low noise 800-1000g rotary thrust, 99% deep manicure cleaning. Innovative shock absorption technology effectively suppresses the use of noise. It is suitable for the baby even during sleep.
  • 【2 In 1 Design 】2 In 1 design with the function of cutting and grinding nails say goodbye to traditional nail clipper, electric nail clipper give a new experience, these electric nail clippers is automatic, integrated the functions of a nail file, nail cutter, nail scissors, nail trimmer. It’s a kind of replacement for a nail clippers kit, nail clippers set, or manicure kit.
  • 【Collect Nail Clippings】 – With these nail clippers, you will never worry about the cut-off nail debris flying everywhere, and no worry about spending much time in hunting the nail debris. This nail clipper has a built-in debris storage box, when the nail clipper works, it vacuums the cut-off nail debris into the storage box automatically. So, you can use this nail file or nail trimmer or nail clipper everywhere, in the office, on the bed, in the car, etc., it collects nail dust itself.
  • 【Low noisy and Rechargeable】This electric nail scissor is low noisy when running, and it’s rechargeable with a micro USB port, for every 30 minutes of charging, you can use 6-8 hours.
  • 【Easy to Operate】 – Even children or older people can use this electric nail clipper without reading the user manual. This nail trimmer is ONE BUTTON OPERATION. Only need to press the button, the electric nail clipper will finish cutting nails, trim nails, grind / file / polish nails, and vacuum the nail debris at the same time. Compared with traditional nail clippers, this electric nail clipper or nail file or nail trimmer, whatever you call it, makes trimming nails so easy, neat, smooth, and c
  • 【A Wonderful Gift】- This nail clipper is designed for all people, including infants, babies, toddlers, kids, children, adults, the elderly, boys and girls, men and women, all people. This nail clipper is really a wonderful gift for Mothers or Grandmas on Mothers’ Day, a practical gift for Fathers or Grandpa on Fathers’ Day, and a perfect gift to children on Children’s day, also, this nail clipper is an excellent gift for friends, teachers, colleagues, bosses, anyone you loved.

Innovative storage slag box design

Cut and polish nails at one time, comfortable and efficient

silent motor

electric nail clippers for the whole family






Black, Green, Red, White

Battery capacity




5 reviews for 2022 New Automatic Electric Nail Clippers

  1. mrmgmgrand

    Both my wife and I are getting older now and cutting toe nails is now getting increasingly difficult. When cutting her toe nails I am always aware of the the danger of cutting her toes. This is a safe and easy way of performing that task.

    I also find it really easy to to do finger nails as well. Much quicker and cleaner

  2. Philip Blades

    Hard to get nail clipping out by just shaking, have to use brush. Door holding clippings wont close fully, unless put screwdriver under door and pry while turning door. Light would be useful and needed. Works fairly well at grinding nail, slow trimming nail even on high. Fairly safe to use, have not caused a quick.

  3. Angelico Sibona

    Chiaramente non taglia le unghie, le lima fino al punto desiderato, in ogni caso è efficace e sicuro, non ho mai avuto le unghie così curate, ed è molto utile per gli anziani che in genere riescono a tagliare le unghie di una mano ma hanno difficoltà con l’altra

  4. X.Xu

    The idea is great but it takes a while to find the right angle and speed. Otherwise it might bite too much and hurt you (not necessarily injure you but still). So I’d say it doesn’t have too much advantage over the traditional clippers.

  5. Mrs. H. Martin

    Electric nail clipper. Works well, even used on my granddaughters nails who normally hates having them done. Nicely packaged as well.

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