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International Ring Size Chart

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International Ring Size Chart

How to Measure Ring Size

There are two ways to measure the ring’s size: a rope to measure the circumference of the finger and a ruler to measure the diameter of the ring.

1. Rope measurement method

Material preparation: a non-elastic string (you can also use a small strip of paper) & gel pen & ruler, Note: The elastic string stretches and the measurement is inaccurate.

Specific steps:

①Wrap the string around the finger’s base where the ring will be worn.
② Mark the crossing position of the rope with a gel pen.
③ Unfold the string and use a ruler to measure the distance from the end of the string to the marked point, which is the circumference of the finger
④ Use the circumference in the table as a reference standard and substitute the actual measured value into the circumference column to find the most suitable ring size for you.

2. Measuring finger diameter

Material preparation: ruler & ring size comparison table. Note: There is no high accuracy of rope measurement.

Specific steps:

① Use a ruler to directly measure the finger width at the root of the finger that needs to wear a ring.
②Bring the measured data into the diameter column in the comparison table to find the corresponding ring size.
③The size you find out from this is the most suitable ring size for you to wear.

3. Professional tool measurement method

There are measuring tools in any jewelry store, try them on one by one to see which one is the most suitable, ask which version the tool is, and then find the corresponding size from the size comparison table.

Precautions when measuring ring size

When measuring the size of the ring, you should pay attention to measuring it several times, and the results will vary depending on the measurement time.

Measure several times

Since the measurement method we use is very routine, we do not use very sophisticated instruments to ensure the accuracy of the results, so it is best for you to follow the same steps to measure several times and take the average. If the results of several times of measurements are very different from the usual results, then discard these values decisively and average the rest of the results.

Pay attention to the measurement time

Everything in the world follows the principle of “expansion with heat and contract with cold”, and fingers are no exception. When buying a ring in winter, it is best to make the ring size about half a size larger, so that the finger will swell in summer, and the ring will not become too tight and small, which will bring discomfort to the wearer.

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