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Light Painting, the Latest and Hottest Design of 2023!

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of light and shadow with Light Painting, the newest and most captivating art form of the year. This unique design comes from a talented Korean artist who has named this exquisite artwork “Light, To Capture Time.” Unique Artistic Style Light Painting embraces a unique artistic style that combines light and shadow in a mesmerizing dance. Its intricate patterns and captivating colors… Read More »Light Painting, the Latest and Hottest Design of 2023!

S925 silver ring

52Hz Whale Story

In this world,No life is destined to be alone,I don’t know if you have heard the story of the 52 Hertz whale. In 1989, scientists discovered a special whale using a sonic detector.Unlike other whales’ AC frequency of 15Hz-40Hz,The frequency of this whale is 52 hertz,what does that mean?This means its voice will never be heard by other whales,And the song it sang was never… Read More »52Hz Whale Story

Hand-painted series-Modern Wall Lamps

Reject the stereotyped wall lamps, we have selected several gypsum wall lamps for you, you can hand-paint your favorite patterns according to your own hobbies, and you can also change the patterns from time to time. Gypsum Wall Light 1 Buy now: Gypsum Wall Light 2 Buy now: Gypsum Wall Light 3 Buy now: