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52Hz Whale Story

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In this world,
No life is destined to be alone,
I don’t know if you have heard the story of the 52 Hertz whale.

In 1989, scientists discovered a special whale using a sonic detector.
Unlike other whales’ AC frequency of 15Hz-40Hz,
The frequency of this whale is 52 hertz,
what does that mean?
This means its voice will never be heard by other whales,
And the song it sang was never answered.

Its name is Alice,
From being recorded in 1989 to the last time he was heard singing in 2014,
For 20 years, it has been singing alone,
From the warm waters of central California to the biting currents of the North Pacific,
migrating all the way,
Search all the way,
But never got any response.

In the time thereafter,
People no longer hear the sound of 52 Hertz whales,
Don’t know if it is still in this world?

Maybe it’s waiting for another whale to show up,
All it takes is time,
I still believe that someday in the future,
Somewhere in the depths of the sea,
There will be another 52Hz greeting:
“Hey, so you’re here”

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